I want you to know that I love your photos and I never try to get rid of your watermark. I want people to know where I got the lovely photos and follow your blog. It is so mean for people to take what isn't theirs. Thank you for such wonderful pictures, your time, work, and your love for the vintage life!


Thanks so much for your support and for following I really appreciate it

Myself and some other tumblr users were just bitching over the last few days about this exact thing. We spend hours every day scanning books, retouching images and making gifs, and like you loads of money and time working on these images. People then just take them, repost them as their own, I don't get it..


I try to keep my frustration on the down low no one likes a whiner. I see my images every day all over the place with my watermark cropped off or removed or images with my mark sourced to other blogs. The goal of my project is Inspiration, Education, Preservation so as long as they are out in the world doing that I try to tell myself it’s a good thing. But some days it really makes me feel like crap. I guess it’s the world we live in where people pirate movies & music with no regard for the artists creating them why would I expect people to think of my digital archive differently – after all  if it’s online it’s free right? Thankfully more than half the people in the world have respect for others as for the rest karma will get them lol

Warning I’ve got my panties in a twist today!

Is it really so hard to respect other peoples work? Is it really so hard to admire my collection and if you use it source it or reblog it? I spend thousands of hours, dollars and skill every year to do this please have some manners when using my archive. Thanks for listening to me bitch

“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” Confucius